Taking care of your needs THE FOUR STEPS TO BEING PROTECTED STEP 01 DISCOVERY For business insurance clients, new business and renewals, we aim to meet with you and assess your needs. For our personal insurance clients we will assess your needs over the telephone. The more we know about your requirements the easier it is for us to provide you with the best possible insurance cover. Tell us about your business or personal needs. Tell us about what’s important to you and what your aspirations are. We’re good listeners and will have plenty of questions to help in this discovery phase. STEP 02 ASSESS THE OPTIONS We’ll come back to you with options on how best to protect the things of value to you. We’ll discuss those options to ensure we both have a clear understanding on the exact nature of what is proposed and we’ll offer an independent recommendation on the best insurance program for your situation. For some lines of insurance business, we have pre-arranged facilities with one insurance company, whose premium charges and policy coverage we review periodically to ensure they are competitive. STEP 03 IMPLEMENTING THE AGREED OPTION When we agree on an option for you we’ll arrange the insurance contract (policy) and supply you with all the relevant insurance documentation. Keep this in a safe place as it’s your record of the policy. For these lines of business we do not seek options with several underwriters, but we are willing to do so if requested to. If you’re new to Rothbury and choose us as your insurance broker we will ask you to complete the attached letter of appointment. If you wish to end the relationship you can cancel this appointment at any time.