InsureIT will provide the ultimate protection for New Zealand businesses

As technology improves, on-line data backup companies are proliferating.
While typically assuring clients that their data will be secure they are unwilling to guarantee to pay substantial compensation in the event of actual data loss.

A recent global survey of 4,500 organisations in 36 countries revealed that critical data now represents nearly half of business value. Business data is the fabric of most businesses and is as valuable as people, premises and products to modern business operations. And yet there is still no standard to ensure business data is safe!

Chris Hughes, North Island Manager at Rothbury Insurance Brokers says, “We are working with IT partners BTG, who are experts in providing business technology solutions.

We have also been working with e-Datainsurance to develop InsureIT for the New Zealand market”.

“Businesses insure buildings, contents and key assets, as it is best practice to do so, and people ask why they should insure their business critical data when their operations already have their data backed up,” says Chris.

“If your backed up data was lost for any reason, ask the company backing up your data if they provide any financial compensation? InsureIT does.

By assessing what your critical data is, placing a value on it, and indemnifying it, you have taken the first step to true business continuity.

You have also reduced risk for your partners, shareholders and stake holders supporting corporate governance and indemnifying against liability”.

After years of research and development InsureIT was developed to provide data owners with the comfort and knowledge that they have chosen the best solution for backing up their valuable data, and that the data is insured against loss, and for business interruption.

Claire Lysaght

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