Are you affected by the earthquakes?

Published Date: 14th Nov 2016 | Category: News

Safety comes first.
Call emergency services if required.

Call Rothbury on 0800 326 753 if you need any help with making a claim, we are here to help.


- For any queries regarding claims contact your broker.

- Normal service continues from your broker and support team. 

- The wider Rothbury team are ready to assist with managing any increased call and claims volumes.

- Access restrictions have been in place in Wellington CBD, please check with your broker if planning to visit one of our offices in an earthquake affected area.


What to do if you have been affected by an earthquake

  1. Take steps to minimise the loss
  2. Notify your Rothbury broker
  3. Take photos of the scene and damaged property/contents if possible
  4. Do not dispose of any salvaged or damaged items; your Insurer/Assessor will need to view these
  5. Minimise the loss by starting the clean up process and salvage items that may be able to be repaired
  6. Make a list of all of the damaged items
  7. To support your claim, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the unrecognisable items i.e. original receipts, invoices manuals or photos.

How to lodge a claim with EQC

For domestic property EQC cover the first $100k for House and $20k for Contents damage.

You can lodge a claim with EQC either online or by making a phone call to them. You will need to make a separate claim for House and Contents.

Phone 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243)

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