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Published Date: 13th May 2015 | Category: News

This June, New Zealand is set to play host to the FIFA U-20 World Cup. As we prepare for this exciting event, it got us thinking: Surely there must be some lessons about insurance that business owners - many of whom are football fans themselves - can learn from the sport.

As it happens, here are three points you'll want to keep in mind if you want to stop your business from being hit with a red card.

1. Defence can be the best offence

Not every team opts for an all-out attack. Football strategy also involves using the midfield and defence to choke the opponent's attack, preventing them from ever scoring in the first place.

This serves as a useful reminder about the value of insurance to a business' success. While many think the path to prosperity is larger profits and expansion, it also rests on protecting what you already have. Having general liability insurance in place, for instance, can help ensure your profit margin isn't sapped by having to pay out damages to a third party.

2. A single event can make a difference

Soccer is a low-scoring sport. In fact, 2010's FIFA World Cup Final is well-known for being one of the most low-scoring in history, at 1-0. In football, a single goal can mean either victory or defeat.

This is not dissimilar to accidents or events that affect businesses. While you might not think a fire, flood, earthquake or some other kind of natural disaster is likely to affect your enterprise, it only needs to happen once to send you into potential financial ruin. But with material damage insurance or business interruption insurance, your business can protect itself from the impact of an unexpected event.

3. The play has to match the job

Every position in football has a specific job to carry out. The striker sticks around up front. The midfielders are utility players, doing a little bit of everything. Meanwhile, the defenders wait toward the back, ready to stifle the opposing attack and prevent shots on goal. All of these positions adopt a style of play that matches their purpose.

In the same way, if you want your insurance to protect your business, it's most effective for it to be specifically tailored to your occupation. For instance, at Rothbury, we offer specialised solutions for professions as diverse as architects, brick and block layers, landlords and photographers. Each of these careers has specific pain points that a general insurance solution may not adequately cover.


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