Residential Power Outages - What Are You Covered For?

During Auckland’s recent power outage, over 85,000 homes in parts of Central and East Auckland were without electricity for some time.  After a prolonged power outage we always receive a high volume of claims particularly for:

  • Deterioration of food
  • Power surge damage to electronic and electrical goods


What Are You Covered For?

Most policies should provide cover for damage to your property caused as a result of a power failure.  For example if your laptop suffered damage after a power surge or your frozen goods deteriorated and became unfit for consumption.

There are steps you can take to reduce the potential damage - and many people are unaware they'll have to photograph deteriorated food as proof of a claim.  So I wanted to pass on a few quick tips to remember next time there's an outage.


Steps to Take In A Power Outage

  1. Switch off all electrical sources at the wall to prevent a possible surge when power is restored.
  2. Make a list of deteriorated food.
  3. Photograph food before disposing of it, this is your proof to support your claim.
  4. When power is restored, check all electrical appliances.
  5. If damaged, obtain a damage report from a supplier, repairer or retailer to see if it can be repaired.
  6. If not repairable obtain a quote to replace the item, like for like.
  7. Do not dispose of the damaged item as your Insurer may require it as salvage.

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