Strength When You Need It
Rothbury is the founding NZ member of the Steadfast broking network

Steadfast is the largest insurance broking network in Australia with over 340 brokerages represented by 1,000 offices serving more than one million businesses. Steadfast brokers account for A$6.1 billion of the total A$16.9 billion Australian insurance broking premiums in 2014-45.

Rothbury was the first New Zealand broking company to become a member of Steadfast, in 2013. We saw it as an opportunity to access the strength of the largest broking network in Australasia for the benefit of our clients.

Steadfast membership will give Rothbury access to:

  • Client services such as the Broker Assist service
  • Professional development including Steadfast Campus on-line learning and the Steadfast Convention, the biggest general insurance conference in Australia
  • Resources including tailored product packages and compliance tools

Visit Steadfast to find out more.


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