Business Interruption


The impact of fire, flood, earthquake, burglary and even simple accidents may interrupt the normal pattern of business causing a reduction in earning capacity.

Following a Material Damage claim, Business Interruption Insurance will help keep your business running, covering loss of revenue, profits and paying fixed expenses. The most common claims we see are:

  1. Loss of profits after having to close temporarily due to a flood
  2. Increased costs of working such as leasing alternative premises and hiring equipment
  3. Landlords loss of rent when tenants can’t occupy a building
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Video: What is business interruption insurance?

There are also a number of other insurance solutions to reduce risk in this area:

Gross profit insurance

Gross profit insurance covers you for a loss of gross profit due to a reduction in turnover or an increased cost of working as a result of an insured event.

Advanced loss of profits

Advanced loss of profits covers you for financial losses that you might incur as a result of a delay caused by an insured event.

Machinery breakdown

Machinery breakdown loss of profits covers profits lost due to machinery breakdown, other than through normal wear and tear, for any specified machinery.

We tailor the best insurance package to protect your business.

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Di Perston, Broker Rothbury Hawkes Bay, talks about indemnity periods for business interruption insurance.

Video: Who needs business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance will help keep your business running, covering loss of revenue, profits and paying fixed expenses after a loss. Di Perston, Broker Hawkes Bay, talks about the types of businesses that need business interruption insurance.

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