Reviewing and advising on your insurance needs

To review and advise on your insurance needs we need to understand your business or situation. 

Knowing and understanding your business is an ongoing part of our service and is the basis of our relationship with you. We'll spend time learning about your business or situation and will continue to do this throughout our relationship.  

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business we will review your current risks, audit your existing insurance portfolio and research a personalised program of insurance for you.

If you decide to engage us as your insurance broker, we will ask you to sign what is called a Letter of Appointment. This letter allows us to look in to insurance solutions for you and to fully service your insurance needs.

Letter of Appointment

Client’s authority for Rothbury Insurance Brokers to act as an insurance broker
Online Letter of Appointment [complete and submit online]
Online Mid-Term Letter of Appointment [complete and submit online]
Downloadable Letter of Appointment [writeable pdf]
Download Mid-Term Letter of Appointment [writable pdf]

Authority to Provide Quotation

Client’s authority for Rothbury Insurance Brokers to receive historic insurance details in order to provide quotation
Online Authority [complete and submit online]
Downloadable Authority [writeable pdf]

Home and Contents

Home and Contents Claim Form [writeable pdf]
Portable Electronics Claim Form [writeable pdf]

Motor Vehicle Claim Form

Motor Vehicle Claim Form [print and sign pdf]
Motor Vehicle Claim E-Form – Single Vehicle Accident [writable pdf, no signature required]
Multiple Motor Vehicle Claim E-Form – Multiple Vehicles Accident [writeable pdf, no signature required]

Liability Claim Form

Liability Claim Form [writable pdf]

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Claim Form [writeable pdf]

General Claim Form

General Claim Form [writable pdf]

Who to send your claim form to?

Please send your claim form to the Claim Adviser at your branch using the email address below.
They will get things underway and be in touch within one business day.

BranchEmail Your Claim Form to:
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