Vision & Values
Our vision and values are an important part of our business and help to define what you can expect when you do business with us.

Success for our clients

Our vision is to be a truly great New Zealand company, driven by passionate people, committed to the future financial security and success of our clients.


Values to bench mark our service

Client Focus - We exist to find ways to protect what our clients value
Without clients, we have nothing. The fact we have built up a solid operation that has stood the test of time means, to us, that our level of responsiveness and service standards are meeting client needs. Client satisfaction is the measure of our success.
Integrity - Honesty and moral character are at the core of what we do
Because we're dealing with people and their most valued possessions, integrity has to be integral to every part of our operation. We stake our reputation and years of service to our clients on being honest, hard working, diligent and putting each client's needs before anything else.
Professionalism - We take pride in our profession and in delivering professional services
Being competent, courteous and knowledgeable about insurance and protection solutions is just the starting point for us. Any solution we recommend will be carefully considered and will be appropriate to your overall needs.
Passion - We're committed to the client in all that we do, think and say
We are passionate about our work. When we exceed people’s expectations - those of both our clients and business partners - we know we're heading in the right direction.
Excellence - We strive to exceed industry standards and our client’s expectations
The Best - it isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing. We are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.
Innovation - We search for new ways to protect what's of value to our client
We believe that to fully meet our clients needs we must anticipate them. We must be proactive rather than reactive and look for solutions beyond the everyday.
Fun - We work hard but we also have a sense of humour
Your protection needs, and our business success, are both serious subjects but they don't dictate the way we go about dealing with each other... and with you. We know the best comes when we enjoy our work and our relationships with people who matter to us.

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