Pay By Internet Banking

Account to Account let’s you easily transfer funds from your account and is an alternative to using a credit card online.

  1. Safely and securely pay for services online direct from your bank
  2. Use your internet banking credentials
  3. Avoid paying 1.5% credit card fee

This payment method is securely hosted by Payment Express. and with just a few clicks payment can be made directly from your bank account in real time.

Internet Banking Transfer

There are two easy options
  • 1. Select 'Rothbury' from the bank registered Payees.
    We are registered with most NZ banks and will appear in your banks registered Payees list.
  • 2. Set up Rothbury as a Payee in your own list of Payees.
    Here is the information you’ll need

    Name of Payee: Rothbury Insurance Brokers
    Account Number: 03 0252 0833615 29
    References: Client Number (CL) e.g. CL12345
    Package Number (PK) e.g. PK12345v1

Other Payment Options

For further assistance please feel free to contact your local branch.

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